HALIAS Technologies has developed High Impact : an environmental settings monitoring digital platform for protected and industrialized natural areas. It allows operators to monitor their activities using appropriate indicators to control their environmental impacts.

What is High Impact ?

High Impact is an environmental monitoring platform dedicated to infrastructures, for companies willing to integrate environmental issues into their operational activities.




  • Multi-sources data

  • Multi-temporal data

  • Historical, in-situ, spatial data




  • AI, automated detection algorithms

  • Advanced calculation settings

  • Information correlation and analysis




  • Adapted KPIs and dashboards

  • Cloud or on-premise

  • Tailor made services

How does High Impact work ?

The system integrates satellite imagery, drone acquisitions and in-situ parameters, coming from historical databases or real time measurments.

It allows optimal analysis of specific user issues.

Depending on their typology, data are processed and analyzed by methods combining Artificial Intelligence, advanced calculations or physical modelings.

High Impact offers dashboards adapted to each level of responsibility. High Impact is interoperable with the client specific tools.

Which use cases for High Impact ?

We have listed below several use cases for the High Impact platform. Much more applications are existing, contact us for more details !

Our expertise in the development of algorithms for oil slicks detection, qualification and quantification using satellite imagery, allows us to dedicate a High Impact application for the offshore and coastal infrastructures monitoring.

Some applications :
– Oil and Gas offshores infrastructures monitoring during all their life cycle.
– Port and coastal dredging operations monitoring.
– Wind turbine installation sites monitoring.
– Marine protected areas monitoring.

Production data recording, from material extraction, transport to treatment on an industrial process makes possible to measure the GHG emissions. High Impact is a part of your environmental management system.

Some applications :
– Fleets monitoring.
– Raw material transport and processing supervision.
– Energy consumption measurments.

Measuring water resources for an industry adresses both economic aspects and climate issues. High Impact is a consumption tracking and optimization tool for infrastructures or industrial processes.

Some applications :
– Water leakage detections.
– Dust watering process optimisation for extracting activites to reduce the use of water.

High Impact capacities to integrate multi-sources and multi-temporal is an advantage to follow on an unique platform several environmental parameters for complex industrial infrastructures.

Some applications :
– Dust concentration and water tables monitoring.
– Surface water flows modelings.
– Monitoring and evolution of all energies consumptions (electricity, water, fuel, gas, …).
– Fleets vibration analysis and fault monitorings.


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