Equipment providers

Do you want to generate additional revenues using your existing fleet of equipments or add digital features to your legacy equipments ? By using HALIAS Technologies solutions and services, you can :

  • Install a CMS (Condition Monitoring System) that really suits your users needs
  • Propose digital services to your customers that rely on your key technologies
  • Monitor your fleet of equipments with a ready to use industrial monitoring solution
  • Process and analyze raw measurements to generate KPIs

A complete and “Ready to Use” solution

HALIAS Technologies offers a complete solution, allowing you to monitor, calculate, analyze and restitute datas. hCollect® is the latest generation software, based on an experience of 15 years dedicated to collecting, calculating and creating highly valuable indicators. Together with the strong skills of the HALIAS Technologies teammates on software engineering, hCollect® will be able to fulfill every request you may have.

Cloud HALIAS hCollect®

You don’t want to deal with the acquisition and the maintenance of the physical equipments which will operate the plateform ? Select the Cloud HALIAS hCollect. We take care of everything, from the ressources allocation to the regular service maintenance.

This solution is recommanded for applications based on multi-sites management without a private cloud computing capability.

Private Cloud

HALIAS Technologies can shape its solution to your way of working.

If you are already using a private cloud solution, HALIAS Technologies can install its solution on your backbone to use the benefits of your secure environments. We will detail clearly the requested ressources to get the best performances from the plateform and let your ITs deal with it. HALIAS Technologies will only take care of the regular maintenance of the software itself.

This solution is recommanded for applications based on multi-sites management with a private cloud computing capability.

 « On Premise » deployement

If your application cannot be installed on cloud whatever the reason, HALIAS Technologies can install it on a physical computer located on your IT system.

On Premise mode will be preferred for single-site use or in the case of a solution requiring a massive amount of local calculations.

EDGE deployment

Are you selling complex solutions all around the world ? HALIAS Technologies follow you with an EDGE Mode solution in order to provide the most appropriate answer to your requirements.

An EDGE solution means that a part of the application will be installed close to the final equipment, so that it can run complex and multiple calcuations on its own such as collecting raw measurments and generate high value KPIs. A second part of the application is installed on cloud computing (private or not) to assemble and monitor all the measurments and calculations from all the equipments all over the world.

The EDGE mode is the most appropriate solution for multiple sites installations with complex uses and/or advanced process control. It can be dedicated to a single customer or can be used as a benchmarking tool for a complete fleet.

A plateform able to analyze large amount of data

The hCollect® platform from HALIAS Technologies can collect data from few equipments or from a multiple type of equipments using the same technical solution. The ressources required for the application will be the only difference.

By this way, HALIAS Technologies can follow your growth whatever the speed without any risk.

A digital services offering suited to your key technologies

Thanks to HALIAS Technologies solutions, you can propose additional services to your customers such as fleet monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset management or even environmental reporting features…

A plateform enabling strong, critical and complex KPIs calculations

With hCollect®, your raw measurments will soon melt to gold !

Your equipments can generate a lot of valuable informations for you and your customers. However, you will always face the case where a specific information is requested but there is no instrument able to monitor it. With hCollect® from HALIAS Technologies build your own KPI based on the measurments you have and your knowledge. You will then be able to generate the real keys of your success !

Based on existing models

Have you already worked on digital models ? With hCollect® from HALIAS Technologies, you can keep your existing models to add them to the plateform or update them before the transfer.

Enhancing dedicated models

Your skills are specific, as much as your customers skills. HALIAS Technologies can work together with you to build specfic KPIs for your business.

No need to be an expert on digital solutions. Stay focus on your expertise and let HALIAS Technologies deal with your digital services to speed up your growth.