Training and Research Centers

Do you want to generate additional revenues using your softwares and your training capabilities ? By using HALIAS Technologies solutions and services, you can :

  • Install a ready to use monitoring system to work on characterizations
  • Process and analyze raw measurments to generate KPIs to improve the research speed
  • Digitalize and standardize your software to generate additional revenues.
  • Propose trainings using the new media such as digital tools to improve the customer experience and satisfaction
Software industrialization solutions

You want to sell the software that you created ? HALIAS Technologies helps you to define the Business Model suited to your precise technological environment. We are specialized in Business Models for plugin based or “as a service” licensing.

Technical solutions

HALIAS Technologies can license ready to use Software solutions to your organization in order for you to demonstrate the research results to your partners or potential customers :  hCollect® for the setup of high level Monitoring systems based on experimental data collections, and hMonitor® for the remote exploitation over the Internet of your software or the exploitation of your experimental data.