Axens, a leading provider of services and solutions to the oil & gas industry, recently turned to HALIAS Technologies to help build its new Connect’In™ process performance monitoring and management platform. The platform will position Axens to bring its highly-demanding customers on the oil & gas market new digital services to support digital transformation and operational excellence.

One of the major challenges facing the oil & gas industry is optimizing the performance of industrial assets. In other words, industrial processes must be running optimally for oil & gas companies to remain cost-competitive on volatile markets. Axens, which licenses proprietary processes to the oil & gas industry, recently rounded out its services with a new digital process performance monitoring and management platform designed to add value to the processes the company licenses and generate additional sales of products like catalysts to Axens’ existing customers.

The Connect’In™ platform replaces laborious and error-prone Excel spreadsheets with powerful data collection and processing capabilities and dashboards, enabling users to monitor and improve the performance of processes licensed by Axens in real time. The data, collected at the source, is sent to Axens servers, where it is processed using Axens proprietary advanced simulation models. Users simply log on to the platform to view their performance management dashboards, which include unit-to-unit benchmarking and personalized recommendations for performance improvements, such as when to replace costly catalysts.

Axens has been integrating HALIAS Technologies software components into its solutions since HALIAS was founded in 2006, so it was natural for Axens to turn to HALIAS for the new Connect’In™ platform. HALIAS integrated its best-in-class software solutions hMonitor (for remote access to monitoring data) and hEnsure (for simulation testing) into Connect’In™ and developed and integrated custom data collection and data analysis software for the new platform.

Axens has always provided added-value services to its customers to ensure that refining and petrochemical processes are performing optimally. As a natural evolution of these services, Axens is now deploying a digital platform to provide near real-time services powered by high-fidelity models and connected to Axens experts. HALIAS Technologies brings Axens in-depth knowledge of data processing and real-time platform development and a strong track record developing and integrating software for the oil & gas industry. Connect’In™ marks a crucial step toward Axens’ digital transformation through a customer-centric digital platform supporting refining and petrochemical operators in their constant pursuit of operational excellence,” said Romain Roux, Advisor to the CTO in charge of digital transformation at Axens.

We used off-the-shelf components dedicated to the energy industry to deliver a secure, tested, robust, and standard solution to Axens in the shortest possible time so that Axens could, in turn, release a full-featured new digital service to its existing customers and generate a new revenue stream in the very short term. We are pleased to be able to support Axens as it develops new digital services to enhance its customers’ operational excellence and add value to the processes it licenses,” said Laurent Testard, CEO, HALIAS Technologies.

About HALIAS Technologies

HALIAS Technologies was founded in 2006 to provide software development and services to the oil & gas and energy markets. The company has since expanded its range of solutions to serve the upstream and downstream segments of the oil & gas market, as well as the chemical, microelectronics, automotive, and space industries. Today the company offers digital services to industrial customers based on proprietary or third-party legacy software. HALIAS Technologies is uniquely positioned to support its customers’ digital transformation projects by bringing highly-specialized solutions. The company can build complete digital systems based on robust, tested software; develop custom software components that integrate seamlessly with legacy business software; and provide end-to-end project services. To date, the company has delivered more than 50 projects on four continents. HALIAS Technologies is based in Meylan, France, in the heart of one of Europe’s leading high-tech ecosystems.