Energy, Environment and Geosciences Players :

Add a digital value to your business

with HALIAS Solutions and Digital Services.

HALIAS offers a full featured service offering to its customers based
on robust and existing software solutions and operational services in order
for them to transition from their regular business to Digital Services.


Equipment providers, users, Engineering companies as well as Research centers, HALIAS Technologies can provide many solutions thanks to its cross sector references.

Equipment Providers

Condition Monitoring System, digital services, assets monitoring, data analysis

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Engineering & Services Companies

Additional digital services, tools dedicated to your application, multiple access web interface

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End Users

Assets monitoring, dedicated KPIs, condition monitoring system, data analysis

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Training and Research Centers

Training digital tools, data analysis, simulation, software standardization

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System Integration

HALIAS Technologies provides software components which can be fully integrated to an existing IT infrastructure: no need for additional trainings, we simply increase the data value of your ongoing software solutions.

All Software Project Lifecycle

From the users requirements to the final delivery, including specifications, development, project managment as well as maintenance : we can work on every step of a project.

Software Development Projects

A standard software component cannot cover every requirements. We develop dedicated software components, based on specifications or using Agile Methods, to meet all your expectations.


HALIAS Technologies provides software components dedicated to Assets Monitoring, Data Collection and Environmental Management to be packaged into the projects of its clients.



Easy data collection and analysis for multipurpose uses.

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Standard application for environmental management.

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HALIAS Technologies was founded in 2006 by Laurent Testard and Jérôme Martin, experts in Software development. The company was specialized from day one in Software Development, for Oil&Gas and Energy sectors.


Since 2010, HALIAS Technologies is the editor of Software suites, realDataView and QTS. Those software suites are still used and fully integrated in the hCollect software solution.


Using our acknowledged skills and digital solutions certified many times in the energy industry, we decided to apply our solutions to the environment and geosciences domain. Our objective is to provide efficient solutions that enable stakeholders to manage the environmental impact of their activities and deliver key environmental performance indicators.


Our diversification into the field of environment and geosciences, combined with strong convictions to address the effects of climate change, naturally drives us to seek concrete solutions to meet this issue. HALIAS Technology is investing in the development of an innovative platform dedicated to the environmental monitoring of infrastructures and protected or exploited areas, the High Impact platform.

Laurent Testard
CEO and founder
Jérôme Martin
CTO and founder

A complementary team with multiple skills


HALIAS Technologies

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