Grenoble and Angers, France, May 5th 2020 : ERCOGENER and HALIAS Technologies have decided to work together to provide industrial customers a ready-to-use solution including communication systems (wireless or not), monitoring applications and gateways to collect raw data from the field. This solution for communications and services is related to the growing requests for IoT instrumentation, monitoring and exploitation coming from the industrial companies.

It is now a key factor for industrial companies to get the appropriate knowledge of their assets in order to maximize revenues, anticipate the maintenance and avoid damages which may cause serious financial, materials or even humans issues. As a part of an initial investment or a revamping operation, this knowledge is based on intelligent monitoring systems, able to provide smart and efficient KPIs. The components needed for the overall installation are : sensors (or other raw data systems), stable communication protocols, gateways and intelligent systems able to deliver the appropriate KPIs to improve the efficiency.

This is the reason why HALIAS Technologies and ErcoGener have decided to exchange their respective skills to offer a strong and common solution including all the key elements of the value chain. This common approach will be used to develop a plateform including the knowledge of both companies, to have common bids and to propose licenced technologies usable for the third party companies.