New York, October 26th, 2021: By leveraging the Quasardb platform, HALIAS Technologies can deliver turn-key solutions for its heavy-industry customers. This cooperation enabled HALIAS to deliver fully integrated solutions to, in particular, the mining industry.

Asset health and product quality have always been a critical concern for the mining industry, which needs to optimize its production and constantly minimize asset wear and tear. With intelligent monitoring, it is possible to give powerful insights that deliver a new level of efficiency.

By leveraging QuasarDB, HALIAS can deliver unlimited data management capabilities from the Edge to the Cloud that grow with the customers’ needs. HALIAS turn-key solutions propel customers to the next generation of asset health.

QuasarDB is a software platform that can capture, store, and extract features from event-driven data. Its capabilities in terms of performance and compression are outmatched.

“Storing and centralizing data is a challenge that QuasarDB solves very well. Thanks to the integration, our customers will benefit from its outstanding technology instead of combining heterogeneous database solutions”, says Laurent Testard from HALIAS Technologies. “In addition, QuasarDB gave us all the support needed, making the pilot project very successful. QuasarDB replaces three distinct components we were using, greatly simplifying our architecture and thus lowering maintenance costs”.

“Quasardb is the universal adapter between raw sensor data and artificial intelligence. Quasardb solves all the data engineering challenges related to capturing large volumes of event data. Thanks to our unique compression technology, storage is extremely cost-effective. Last but not least, QuasarDB enables users to extract features from raw data in real-time, removing the need for custom scripts or third-party tools. The combination  delivers a new level of performance and greatly simplifies software architectures, resulting in tremendous value for the customers.” Says Edouard Alligand, Founder and CEO of Quasardb

“We are thrilled to partner with HALIAS Technologies. OEM licensing is a key component of our strategy. We understand our partners help us bring the QuasarDB technologies to more users.”

In 2021 QuasarDB adoption grew significantly. Major US-based manufacturing companies have been using QuasarDB to successfully generate millions of dollars of value in a single year of usage. With the OEM licensing, the QuasarDB technology increases its reach to benefit businesses of all sizes.

About HALIAS Technologies

HALIAS Technologies was created in 2006 with the mission of providing digital services to its industrial customers, regardless of their domain: energy, petrochemicals, thermal, mining, electronics, and the manufacturing industry. The vision of HALIAS Technologies is to have clean, robust, and tested software solutions on which to develop solutions adapted to its customers and integrate existing components beforehand. Today, more than 75 systems made by HALIAS Technologies are present on four continents. HALIAS Technologies is based in Meylan, France,  at the heart of the Grenoble metropolis and its technological ecosystem.


About QuasarDB

Quasar, founded in 2014, is a software publisher whose mission is to enable AI to create wealth. Quasar is the universal adapter between raw timeseries data and Automated Intelligence (AI). Quasar radically simplifies data engineering by delivering a fully integrated data platform for timeseries data, from ingestion to feature extraction. Quasar captures, normalizes, and stores an unlimited volume of events in the most efficient way possible.

Quasar was recognized as “Cool Vendor in Data Management” by Gartner in 2020.

Quasar’s main offices are based in Paris and New York.  Quasar is proud to be trusted by global leaders in telecoms, manufacturing, and capital markets.